The general context of each region

Crosing-Bridges-kort--Silkeborg-KaiserslauternThe context of the two regions in the proposed partnership with regard to education is the increasing number of migrants in the regions and as a consequence also in the school. In this application the term migrants is used and the term covers both immigrants from 3rd countries and migrants from the new members of the EU.

The teachers often feel inadequate in their teaching of migrant children and there is a need to focus on this matter in both partner regions. In order to adapt to the presence of high number of migrant pupils and in order to provide equal opportunities for new citizens of Kaiserslautern and Silkeborg we have a need to explore teaching qualifications and new ways of building and crossing bridges with migrants families. Low rates of school completion and dropouts will undermine the changes of young migrants for successful labour market integration in the region of Kaiserslautern, Silkeborg and Europe.

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